How to Pick a Sweet Sixteen Party Theme?

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There are all sorts of party themes for My Sweet Sixteen parties. Casino, rock and roll, princess, gypsy, western, gangster and masquerade are a few. A sweet sixteen party is a fun time and the party should reflect the fun of youth.
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1. List the teen's interests. Because the event is a celebration of the teen, a sweet 16 should ultimately be a reflection of the teen's interests. Instruct your teen to compose a
A sweet sixteen party is traditionally supposed to represent a young girl's transition into being a young lady. However as of late it has become more about the car that is gifted
Las Vegas baby! The party never stops there. Happy Birthday! Thanks
1 Talk to your parents about budget. Remember more money doesn't necessarily make it more fun - it is about making it relaxed, and memorable. Ad 2 Ask around your school if they know
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1. Keep the guest of honor in mind. The theme should really reflect her taste and passions. Look at what kind of after school activities she engages in for inspiration ...
There are many different sweet sixteen birthday party themes to choose from that include both formal and casual. A sweet sixteen party can be for just a few friends ...
Some good ideas for a sweet sixteen birthday party themes include dance party, pool party or skating party. It really depends on the likes and dislikes of the ...
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