What Is the Philly Partyline Number?


Philly party-line has several numbers depending on the category the caller is looking for. For Afro chatlines the caller can dial Philly Alibi: (218) 895-2210, Philly Butt Monkey: (218) 895-2202 , and Philly Raven: (218) 895-2204 . For a Gay Chatline the caller can dial Philly Blade: (712) 432-7452 . All calls are free or a regular charge for making a call on a phone.
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Closest: Party Line 24 HR , Studio City, CA 91604 Ph: (900)
Party Line 24 HRS Los Angeles, CA 90001 (213) 625-0503. (270) 200-2430 is one number for Free Partyline. Have fun meeting new people.
270-200-2775 this is the chicago alibi parttline.
It's a pay-per-minute chat line "seeded" with attractive female voices. As far as I know, it's a relatively harmless singles "audio hang-out" sort of like going
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In the 1950s and 1960s, partyline numbers were phone numbers shared by more than one person. This was an age when there were not extensive area codes, making individual phone numbers less plentiful. By the 1990s, partylines were group phone numbers that people could use to socialize. They were pay numbers and advertised heavily on television and in magazines, offering a unique social experience and maybe even a chance to meet a love interest. In the 21st century, free social partyline numbers still exist, but are not as popular as they once were due to the advent of the Internet and social networking sites. There are also some small communities that use partylines rather than individual numbers.
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