Passing a Drug Test with Certo?


To use Certo to pass a drug test, the night before your drug test take one packet of Certo. You don't want to eat or drink anything else. In the morning, you want to take another packet. Then, you want to drink a gallon of water. Next, you want to pee until it turn s clear. Once your pee turns clear, you want to hold it until your test.
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They say it is gauranteed if you use it correctly!
using certo wich is an arthritis medicine will not help out in any way into blocking illegal drugs from showing in the urine analisis. But it sure makes your pee clear as water. true
The easiest way to pass a drug test, is to not do drugs. But, if you are looking for other ways, drinking a lot of fluids is a good idea. Look here for more information:
Why is this in the Rap & Hip Hop section? You think we're all a bunch of drugies? Edit: I understand but during the day, there's not a lot of people on. You'd have to wait till
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To pass a urine test using Certo you basically have to drink a lot of it over a few hour period and hold going to the bathroom until your test. This is suppose ...
The night before the test down 1 packet Certo and drink ...
The night before the test down 1 packet Certo and drink ...
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