Passing a Stopped School Bus Will Result in How Many Points on Your License?


Passing a stopped school bus will result in 4 to 5 points on your license, depending on what state you live in. Passing a stopped school bus is potentially very risky for the students who may be crossing the street, hence the high point value. Check with your local DMV for more information.
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Where I am from it is 6 points off of your license, (which because the license only has 7 is an automatic court date) and up to a 2000 dollar fine. Many other places have subsequent
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why were you going so fast in the first place? it sounds you stopped just these means if you couldnt stop in time what woulkd you have done if a kid was crossing the street in front
9 demerit points are entered on the record.
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Pennsylvania has a strict license reform. Going over the speed limit of 30 or more, not stopping for a school bus, failing to appear at a scheduled hearing, speeding ...
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