What is the past tense of swing?


The past tense of swing is swung. The word has various meanings, and in the verb form, its most common meaning is to move or cause to move rhythmically.

A common error with the verb is using a past tense form of swang. The verb ring, with a past tense of rang, is similar to swing, making it easy to incorrectly construe the past tense of swing as swang. In poetic writing, the erroneous spelling is sometimes used to maintain a sense of style. Additionally, the incorrect spelling is sometimes found in literature when a character incorrectly uses this form of the word.

Q&A Related to "What is the past tense of swing?"
Swinged is ungrammatical and. not. the past tense of swing. The past tense of swing is. swung.
The past tense and past participle of swing are both swung. Swang as either
No. The simple past tense & past participle form of 'swing' is 'swung.'
The simple past should be used instead of the past perfect if something has a definite start and stopping point in the past. For example, “She went to the beach yesterday,&rdquo
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