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Arnold Murray is the founder and senior pastor of the Shepherd's Chapel, a church based in Gravette, Arkansas. Pastor Murray was born in 1927. In the 1970s, he predicted that the Antichrist would arrive by 1981, though the general consensus agrees that this prediction proved untrue.

Pastor Murray has been broadcasting bible studies since 1985. His broadcasts have been carried by over 225 TV stations and DirecTV, and are now aired on a daily basis in addition to related documentary programs. Pastor Murray and his Shepherd's Chapel Church are known for the terms 'Kenites,' and 'Serpent Seed.' According to Pastor Murray, the Kenites are an evil race of Cain's descendents, while the 'Serpent Seed' is the doctrine which holds that Cain is the offspring of Eve and the Serpent.

Pastor Murray's views are not considered mainstream. Over the years, Pastor Murray has earned many admirers, who call themselves 'Shepherd's Chapel Bible Students,' and many critics. Much of the criticism aimed at Pastor Murray has to do with the potentially racist implications of his theology, his rejection of the commonly held doctrines about the Trinity, and his speculation about the end of the world. In response to these criticisms, Pastor Murray published an 'Answer to Critics' on the Shepherd's Chapel website.
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Living in a small town,Gravette Arkansas.
If this is the "Shepherd's Chapel" Arnold Murray. The first time I watched him, I caught the last portion of his show, where he answers questions about the Bible that people
Pastor Arnold Murray is 84 years old.
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