How to Patch a Hole in Your Muffler?


Patching a muffler is required in the case where the pipes get rusty and to prevent the holes from becoming bigger with time. Remove rust from the pipe and locate the holes. Sand the area and make sure to remove the rust that is remaining. Rubbing alcohol should be wiped on the area to remove dust and dirt. Use repair putty where the hole or holes are and give it time to dry.
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Buy a good muffler repair kit. They can be purchased at most auto parts stores such as Pep Boys or Autozone. Some come with tape but the good ones have an epoxy paste that you use
You can get a kit in Motor stores to patch mufflers or you can weld a patch but remember it is only a temporary thing to tide you over as eventually you will have to change it.
Without purchasing a muffler repair kit, your only option would be to weld a piece
If it's a rust-out area, replace the section. Investing the effort of patching a rust hole isn't worth it for the short time-span before another rust hole occurs somewhere else. It
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1. Locate each hole in the exhaust pipe through visual inspection. Circle each hole with a black marker. To help find small holes, tap rusty spots with a ball ...
To repair a hole in a muffler, get a quick patch using a muffler patch from any auto parts store that will cover the hole temporarily or you can pay someone to ...
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