Where Do You Order Replacement Parts for Patio Swing S02239?


The patio swing model number of S02239 can refer to numerous different models, depending on the brand. Determine your patio swings manufacturer, and visit their website for contact details. Contact them and ask about the specific replacement parts you need.
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i bet you could find them at home depot, lowe's, or ace.
If the seat material has deteriorated or faded, check the patio swing's owner's manual to discover the specific conditions and warranty period for the seat fabric. If the material
I am very surprised that the door does not have a label some where! Check to see if you could find a label on your windows. More than likely the window manufacturer is the french
Hi, i had this problem. If you put you hand down the back of the seat there is a strap with a 'holder' on it. If you tighten this as far as it will go this should hold it up. To lie
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There are so many stores that have different patio swing replacement parts. In the event that your patio swing malfunctions, you do not have to bring down the whole swing. You will just need to find which particular part is failing and you can easily replace it. Some of the stores that offer swing replacement parts include Home Depot, Lowes, Kmart, Walmart Costco and so many others. You need to specify the particular part that you need for your swing.
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