Patio Table Glass Replacement?


The glass in a patio table can be replaced by getting a new piece of glass cut to shape. You can do so by using a glass cutter which you can obtain from your local Home Depot.
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1. Measure the size for the replacement table top. If there is a frame, the glass should just fit inside the frame with up to a one-eighth inch leeway on each side. If there is a
Replacement glass for a patio table can easily be found at home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Both of these stores are very friendly to their customers and are
Try- Tropic Aire Patio Gallery? 1404 Charleston Hwy West
Good Luck. We had a wind storm and same thing happened to our 7 year old glass table. Couldnt find no one to replace the glass we had to go spend $ on a new one.
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