How to Make a Grinch Costume?


You can make a Grinch costume at home using fabric, sewing machine, and thread. You can purchase a pattern for the costume at your local JoAnns Fabric and craft store.
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1. The main part of a grinch costume is simply a green, furry suit. The "fur" can be anything from AstroTurf to old carpet. As with other body costumes, there are various
The online site that can provide ideas for creating a Grinch costume is the Halloween Express website. One can get Grinch Santa Mask, Grinch Glasses, Reindeer Antlers, as well as
Try online at They have an adult Grinch costume for $76.99. The
One of the most commonly asked about costume is a Nun's Habit. Unfortunately I have not seen a pattern for one since sometime before 2005. Necessity being the mother of invention,
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