How do I pay my MetroPCS phone bill online?


You can pay your Metropcs Phone Bill online in a few easy steps. What you will do is go to the MetroPCS website and create an account. Once you have the account set up you can choose to pay the account using your eWallet to make a quick easy payment. If you don't want to set up an account you can use the Pay with Express Pay option. To do this you add funds to your Metroconnect Account online. You put in your MetroPCS wireless number and submit.
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1. Sign up for a checking account with a local bank. 2. Sign up for telephone service with a local carrier. 3. Sign up for Internet access. 4. Go to the telephone carrier's Web site
Online - Using Debit/Credit Cards. At a local MetroPCS Authorized Dealer - Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.
You can pay your Cricket phone bill in person at any of the many authorized payment locations, by phone at 1-800-CRICKET (2 processing fee) online at, or by mail to
You are gonna have to call and ask them.
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MetroPCS Communications, Inc., formerly known as General Wireless, Inc., is an American mobile phone service provider… More>>
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The Metro PCS Express Pay feature allows customers to make a service payment or add funds to an account. Express Pay can be completed with a credit or debit card ...
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