Paying Jobs for 12 Year Olds?


Paying jobs for 12 year olds are hard to find. There are many laws regarding children and working. A few jobs that a 12 year old could do would include things that they could do around the house or yard. A 12 year old can find simple jobs like lawn care where they do simple yard work in exchange for a few dollars. A 12 year old can also do things like pet sitting, dog walking, and baby sitting.
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Note that legally, an 12 year old cannot work in a business, unless it is owned and operated by their immediate family. In most states you must be 14 to get a work permit, though
1. Contact your state's department of labor, or visit its website. Find out what the regulations are in your jurisdiction for the kind of work minors may do, as well as for the number
There are laws for teens when working in
Unfortunately since you are 12 you cannot get a proper job (until you are 13) However you can ask around for jobs such as raking up leaves, dog walking or running any other errands.
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It's hard for a 12 year old to find a job because child labor laws don't usually allow companies to hire people under 14. However, a 12 year old could find work ...
For 12 year olds, it can be difficult to raise the money to buy something special. Often these kids will do jobs around the house or save their allowance to pay ...
A good job for a person who is twelve would include light house work or chores around the house. You may also want to consider mowing yards. ...
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