Payments to Foster Parents?


Payments to foster parents are determined by the state of residency and increase with the number of children who are being fostered. Foster care payments for an institution can range between about $130 to about $400 per day while payments to a private parent might average around $240 every two weeks. This will increase slightly as the child becomes a teenager and there is often a clothing allowance that is added to this payment at a certain time of the year.
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You don't get paid for it but you get money to cover the expenses of the children. It depends on the state and how many children. For instance someone I know who lives in Indiana
1. Obtain and complete an application to become a foster parent at your local department of human or social services in the county where you live. The application will require personal
While some foster parents are comfortable with the temporary nature of fostering, and can say goodbye to foster children when they return to their birth parents, other parents feel
1. Contact your local or state agency that oversees the foster care system. The foster care process is usually administered by the state, which means it changes based on where you
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