Payphone Locator?


There are hundreds of thousands of payphones located across the United States. In order to find a payphone locator for the correct one you will want to narrow it down by state. In this way you can trim the numbers back to the thousands. Once there you can narrow it further by the county of the payphone you are trying to locate. If you have an idea you can narrow it further by the city. In this way you can find the number to that payphone.
Q&A Related to "Payphone Locator?"
1. Record the phone number. When a call from what you believe to be a pay phone comes in on your cell phone or land line phone, use caller ID to identify the phone number. Write the
You can either use the Pay Phone Directory at
First, you have 2 more numbers than needed. Second, have you tried calling & asking the location from whoever answers the phone? Third, why not simply call the Operator &
Our experience is that most people know intuitively what will work best for their place of business. There are basically 4 types of payphones: The commercial wall-mount smart payphone
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