What is Pedialyte for adults?


Some adults use Pedialyte to help them overcome the effects of a hangover. There is no scientific evidence to verify that this off-label use of Pedialyte is effective.

Pedialyte is an oral, over-the-counter solution meant to prevent dehydration in children caused by vomiting and diarrhea. It replaces fluids and minerals lost through these conditions. Some college students and others who overindulge in alcohol liken it to sports drinks that contain electrolytes, but Pedialyte does not have the sugar contained in sports drinks. Abbot Labs, the manufacturer of Pedialyte, has no comment regarding the use of its product in this manner, but experts state that time is the only thing that allows the body to overcome the effects of alcohol.

Q&A Related to "What is Pedialyte for adults?"
In general, an adult may use Pedialyte; there are no contraindications
The best person to answer this would be a Pharmacist. You can call any pharmacy and ask. If you are just replacing electrolytes then Gatorade would be better for an adult. There is
Well, it's for sick, dehydrated babies who need their fluids and electrolytes replenished. It's not intended as a long-term treatment. Most of us have enough body fat and muscle mass
Pedialyte is by far better! I wouldn't have been able to work when it was 104 with out it. Gatorade made me feel sick and sticky.
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