Pedialyte for Dogs?


Pedialyte is safe for dogs and cats. Though it is always best to call your vet and ask them for their advice. This can be used if your pet has been ill and is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea. You can mix this with the pets food as a way to get them to drink it. There are pedialyte popsicles that can be used if the animal does not like to drink the pedialyte. Many dogs will like to lick on a popsicle if all else fails.
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Follow the recommendations for the dosage by weight. Otherwise you may cause electrolyte imbalance.
Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte solution manufactured by Abbott
Are you talking about the tube of Nutrical Stephanie? Feedstores have it so do many pet stores.You can buy Pedilayte anywhere. There is no such thing as "Pet" Pedilayte.
Pedialyte Daily dosages is up to 150 ml per kg of body weight. 16 pounds is equal to 7.25747792 kilograms. 1 ml=1cc. Therefore, you can give 1088.621 cc. report this answer. Updated
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There is no limit to the amount of Pedialyte one can give a dog. There is no medication in Pedialyte, it is just a drink enriched with electrolytes. ...
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