Peeling Skin on Palms of Hands?


A condition that is known as exfoliative keratolysis causes a peeling of the skin on the palms of the hands. It occurs mostly in young adults during the Summer months. To treat peeling skin on your hands and palms your doctor may prescribe an emollient hand cream.
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You know how a snake sheds its skin? Well people do too, just not all at once. We shed a little bit at a time, usually to little to notice. But sometimes it is more, depending on
Exfoliative keratolysis is an excessive peeling of the skin on the palm of the hands and is sometimes called "focal palm peeling. The condition is preceded by an outbreak of
It is most likely a fungus. Go to a dermatologist. Whatever they prescribe use be it antibiotics, cream etc. If it returns go to an infectious disease doctor since they are the most
The skin may be peeling from excessive sweating, dry
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