How to Change the Transmission Fluid in a Sears Lawn Tractor?


Dealing with the transmission fluid in your tractor can be a real headache. First you should find your service manual for the type of Sears lawn tractor you have. This can be purchased if you lost yours and provides a detailed walk through of how to fix your problem since they are all different. Most of the time, there is a cap that is unscrewed when looking at your engine, allowing you to check and fill the levels.
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Things You'll Need. Wrench set. Drain pan. Funnel. Mower crankcase oil. Instructions. Park your Sears lawn tractor on a level surface. Position yourself behind the rear axle of your
First of all if you bought it new you should have ask the guy there at the dealer or required a owners operators manual. Yes most are sealed and do not required being checked.Unless
Use any Automatic transmission fluid type F, or use John Deere low viscosity hydraulic fluid.
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