How to Tell the Difference Between a Male & a Female Pekin Duck?


Telling the difference between a male and a female Peking duck can be done by observing the different colors of their wings. You can also tell if one lays an egg.
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1. Look at the bird's tail. Male Pekin ducks, drakes, have a single, curled-over tail feather together with numerous straight ones. This curled feather is absent in females, which
The male pekin duck has two to three curly feathers on top of them versus the
Two sites I saw said that once the ducks are a couple months old, the male will have a very distinctive, curled feather on the tail, called a drake feather. Or they could have one
the only way to sex them at that age is to vent sex them (actually looking in the vent to see if they are male or female ) you would need someone who is familiar with the process
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The Pekin duck is a domestic animal used for egg and meat production. Breeding takes place when male and female animals are put together. Eggs usually take 28 ...
1. Group one drake with four to five hens. When multiple males are grouped with fertile females, they may fight, but one male can inseminate several females. Pekins ...
1. Consult a field guide to waterfowl, available at most bookstores and libraries, to determine the breed of duck you are attempting to sex. Sex differences vary ...
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