Pella Storm Door Installation Instructions?


You can install a Pella door screen by starting off by installing the retainers. Next, you can install the verticals. You can usually go to the Pella website in order to find installation instructions.
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1. Locate the seam between the vertical side retainer strips and the door window frame. Pry the strips away from the door window frame with a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the bottom
1 Decide what type of storm door you want to install. The first step in installing a storm door is deciding what kind of storm door you want. This comes down to your personal preferences
They are both good brands, but Pella generally gets better
It's a lot of detail that I'm not super familiar with, but I did find a section on the Lowe's website that gives a step-by-step installation process. Doesn't sound too complicated
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