How do you draw a fairy?


Art For Kids! describes the process for how to draw a fairy. In order, draw the head, dress, hair, bow, wings, legs, feet, arms, hands and wand.

To draw the head of a fairy, make a circle. Then, put a happy face on the circle. Make a smile with small circles at each end of that curved line. Make two dots for the eyes. To draw the fairy's dress, make two lines pointing at a 45-degree angle away from each other coming down from her head. Connect the two slanted lines with a curved line to make it look like a dress. To make the fairy's hair, make two 45-degree angled lines coming up from the sides of her head. Connect those lines with a curved line over the top of the head. Put two tiny triangles next to each other on top of the hair. On top of the fairy's hair, put two incomplete ovals to create the wings. This creates the effect that the wings are partially behind the fairy's body. Put a line from the hair upward in the wings, but do not connect the line to the edge of the wing. Put two small lines down from the dress with two small circles at the end for the legs and feet. Draw two lines with a small circle at the end of each line for the arms and hands. Finally, make a wand by putting a line through a hand with a star on top of the line.

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