How to Use a Pentax AF-540 Flash.?


1. Attach the Pentax AF-540 Flash unit to the hot shoe mount located on the top of your camera and lock it in place. 2. Turn on both your compatible digital camera and your Pentax AF-540 Flash unit. 3. Press the fire button on the camera to fire the
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Hello Silvio, Sorry I didn't get back to you right away, but there was a glitch in the AllExperts forwarding system and I just got your question a few minutes ago! AF is a generic
Your AF-200FG is a very basic flash. Save your $ Put your $ into a bounce flash or a bounce and swivel flash. You can get a Sigma EF-500 DG Super for about the same price on Ebay.
Simple and cheap way. This:… advertised for Canon but works for any standard hot shoe flashgun (so basically everything except Sony
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I found it at Amazon. Product Details: * ASIN: B0002O73YU * Item model number: 100-400/4,5-6,7 Pentax AF silber * Average Customer Review: No customer reviews ...
You have to change the custom setting for 'Using aperture ring' to permitted, which is a silly setting, but you have to set it. Then you're full manual. If you ...
I bought my first Pentax gear in the early 1970's (Pentax lenses fitted my own gear), and now I'm back. I've used Pentax gear for about a year - first bought a ...
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