Which one is better. 50mm pentax super takumar 1.4 m42 or the plain smc-pentax 1.4 k-mount?


Hi Mack, I had the Pentax-A 1:2 50mm, and I did not like it. It's VERY soft wide open. It wasn't really sharp enough for me (for general use) until f/5.6. All it has going for it is that it's very compact and sells for pocket change. The Pentax-A
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The archives contain a lot of stuff about fitting some older M42 lenses on modern camera bodies, but nothing about lenses other than Takumar that will fit an older Spotmatic body.
Start with putting a soft cloth on the table to work on. Leave the rear cap on the lens while you work on the front of it, this will save you damaging the rear element which sticks
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