Percentage of Dysfunctional Families in America?


A dysfunctional family is a family that struggles with conflict, misbehavior, and even child neglect or abuse. The percentage of dysfunctional families in America is on the rise. Many dysfunctional families are so severe, that another family member or child service's worker must intervene. Some things that can contribute to the severity of a dysfunctional family include alcohol use, drug addictions, and mental illnesses that are not being treated. If you know of a child that is in an unhealthy environment such as this, it is important that you contact a child services worker.
Q&A Related to "Percentage of Dysfunctional Families in America..."
Analyst Doreen Fellows, who cited 2000 U.S. Census
100%... you have to ask yourself "what is a 'functional' family". it is like asking "what is 'normal'". everybody and every family is abnormal and dysfunctional
I think some people are overdramatic and would for some reason like to think they come from dysfunctional families when really they are pretty lucky. But I still say it would be about
Far too high.sadly, the true numbers won't ever probably be known since the majority of those flagrantly dysfunctional aren't reported.
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