Percentage of Getting Pregnant without Protection?


The percentage of getting pregnant without protection is 80% in a month. A woman who is not using any contraceptives has higher chances of getting pregnant than the one who uses. There is approximately a 20% chance of a fertile woman getting pregnant each month. The only way to a void pregnancy 100% is to abstain.
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Nearly four out of ten babies are born outside of
The chances of getting pregnant with out anythong are huge if yo have a healthy reproductive system , it is believed that 90% of people who dont use protection end up with the female
1. Visit your doctor to discuss your desire to get pregnant without a man. Your physician can check for any health problems that may affect your future pregnancy and give you more
Women got pregnant successfully for countless millenia, before there was any understanding of ovulation or 'timing.' You don't have to 'try.' Statistically, if a couple is having
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