Percentage of Getting Pregnant without Protection?


The percentage of getting pregnant without protection is 80% in a month. A woman who is not using any contraceptives has higher chances of getting pregnant than the one who uses. There is approximately a 20% chance of a fertile woman getting pregnant each month. The only way to a void pregnancy 100% is to abstain.
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Nearly four out of ten babies are born outside of
Why do you ask ? Do you want to be the first time also straight away to be baby-making ? There is not a straight answer, as long as you're having sex, there's a risk of pregnancy,
The chances of getting pregnant with out anythong are huge if yo have a healthy reproductive system , it is believed that 90% of people who dont use protection end up with the female
Choose the Sperm. Before you start any process to get pregnant, you need sperm. Trying to conceive without a man means that you need to go to a sperm bank. A professional, quality
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