Percocet Injection?


Percocet can be given in injection form, and many times is for those who may have system stomachs. Through taking the pill many people end up with symptoms that they would rather avoid. The injection does give the same results, and will not increase the effects of the medication at all. To know if this is the best route for you or not visit .
Q&A Related to "Percocet Injection?"
ive seen people break down the perc (yes even with the apap) and shoot it. they were fine. but you should do a cwe (cold water extraction) on it before injecting
Percocet is mixed with acetaminophen to help with
11 Feb 2010 that should never be done,it could kill you. Your putting it straight into your blood stream,and ppl do this for an instant high,which is just stupid,ppl die by doing
You need professional medical care whether it's your family doctor, a free clinic, acute care facility or the emergency room. You already have thrombophlebitis and an infection, as
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