How do you become a perfect boyfriend?


You can become a perfect boyfriend by showing your girlfriend that you can clean. You can also massage your girlfriend's shoulders and feet after her long day's work. You should always be the listener and make a good impression on her friends. You should also always complement her and never brush her off.
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You will know that answer yourself perfect is an opinion everyone has
1. Clean the house. Nothing says love like a clean toilet. So surprise her one evening with a spotless house. Scrub the floors, do the laundry and fill the place with potpourri. Girls
he is nice, awesome personality, and that he's a good listener. that's all i ask. nothing more , nothing less.=)
1 STOP LOOKING FOR HIM! The perfect man doesn't just appear (or disappear) on your every whim. Keep an open mind about every guy wherever you go, whether it be to the grocery store,
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Being perfect is not easy but there are some qualities that make you almost a perfect boyfriend. Some of these qualities are cleaning the house and doing the laundry for your girlfriend. Be her masseur, rub her feet and give her a deep-tissue massage. Girls connect through talking so always ask her how she is feeling and listen to her. Kill insects or spiders for her as girls admire brave men. Impress her friends and finally ask her what she enjoys you doing for her and do it.
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