Perfect Female Body?


What a perfect female body looks like is often in the eye of the beholder. As society changes how one views the female body does as well, it wasn't uncommon for women to be heavy set in the 1800's, but today stick thin seems to be in, or so it would seem. The reality of the perfect female body is that as long as the woman is healthy she is at her perfect body. As people we view things from a instant look point of view, you can see the person in front of you and make assumptions, while doctors look at test data. It's a never ending battle, so now therapists and doctors suggest being at your personal best and being happy with that.
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There is no such thing as a perfect female body. "Perfect" is a subjective term when
The perfect female body is very subjective and very much about opinion. In general one might say the perfect body would be tall, slim and well toned with a large bust.
1. Set realistic goals. You may never be a supermodel or Mr. Olympia, but you can have a narrow waist, toned legs and defined muscles. Achieving the perfect body is done in steps.
There will never be the perfect female body for every guy, different guys like different shapes of female bodies. But I would say that the majority like a girl to be shapely, in other
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