Period One Week Early?


Even the most regular of menstrual cycles can sometimes change. Some causes of an early period might be stress, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, or a change in diet. If this is a one-time thing, it's probably not worth freaking out about. But, if your period continues to come early every cycle, consult with a medical professional. This could be a sign of a reproductive disorder, perimenopause, or a hormonal imbalance.
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Consistency in menstrual periods is a sign of good health because it shows that your body is functioning normally and is producing the proper level of hormones. Occasionally, women
The most common reason for this is a FLU like illness. Also this may occur due to any excessive stress that you maybe facing. Antibiotics can do that too, as can birth control pills
Many things can trigger irregular periods such as diet, exercise & stress. If
Not medical advice: If it's spotting it could be implantation bleed after an egg has been fertilized.
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