Period Stops after 1 Day?


If you have your period and it just stops after one day, there could be a few things that could have caused that. When implantation occurs some women experience period like spotting, they also may experience some breakthrough bleeding when ovulation occurs. Women naturally think it's their period when in fact it is actually just one of those two events. If this happens on a frequent basis then a doctor should be consulted for further instructions on how to treat the problem
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Many women find it difficult to know when to try to get pregnant. Timing everything perfectly can be frustrating and discouraging. It is even more discouraging to have a period when
dont know. I think its a month.
What could be happening is that you are stressed and this stress or
Like Bart mentioned, the page refreshes every 60 minutes or so and the reason for this is that timetables/schedules change based on the time of day. So a route that was best an
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It is unlikely that you would be pregnant if you have your period. Three days and up to a week is a normal menstrual cycle. So even though it is on the short end ...
Brown discharge a few days after your period is normal for most people. When this discharge occurs more than seven days after your period, however, this is when ...
There are several possible causes for spotting 5 days after a period. Some possible causes of spotting are implantation bleeding, uterine fibroids and STD's. Many ...
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