Period Stops after 1 Day?


If you have your period and it just stops after one day, there could be a few things that could have caused that. When implantation occurs some women experience period like spotting, they also may experience some breakthrough bleeding when ovulation occurs. Women naturally think it's their period when in fact it is actually just one of those two events. If this happens on a frequent basis then a doctor should be consulted for further instructions on how to treat the problem
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It is not possible to stop your period for a day, and I would think it harmful to do so. However, some birth control pills make it where you only have 3 periods within a year.
1. Make sure you are ready to have children. Although having your period generally indicates that you haven't become pregnant, you can become pregnant at any time. This means that > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > What is wrong if a girls period stops 4 days in after sex?
What could be happening is that you are stressed and this stress or
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A lot of times after a woman stops taking birth control pills their periods can be come harder to predict. When on the pill you normally don't start your period ...
In some cases you may be able to slow down the amount of menstrual blood that you are expelling. This is achieved by the use of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ...
The only way to stop a period safely after it starts is birth control pills. This can stop your bleeding in about a day or two. You can also get the shot. ...
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