Period Was Lighter and Shorter Than Usual?


A woman's periods can be lighter and shorter for various reasons, these are: poor health conditions, lack of body exercise, one could be having fibroids, poor blood circulation in the lower abdomen or unfair functioning in the thyroid glands. However, adolescents generally experience irregular periods until the age of 18 or 19.
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If your period was shorter than usual, it could be that you may be pregnant. Your cycle could just be changing up. Call and see if you can talk with your doctor to see what they say
It is probably a normal fluctuation in hormones. Pay it no mind.
Your at a young age and its very normal for a period to be like this at a young age. Dont worry, the older you get the better it will become. You will be able to chart up the days
If your period is lighter than usual, you may be
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Shorter and lighter periods than usual may be caused by hormonal imbalance for instance if the body produces more of male hormones and less for female hormones. It is also caused by factors like stress, menopause, birth control pills, pregnancy and too much physical exertion.
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