Perm for a Day?


There is no real way to have a perm for a day that involves chemicals. The chemicals are meant to last for several months and reversing the perm the very next day could damage the hair. If you desire a perm like look with your hair stylist suggest using curling rollers in your hair overnight, or using a spiral curling iron. You may also visit your local hair salon and they can give you the look you desire without the chemicals.
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1. Shampoo your hair and then condition it with a moisturizing conditioner designed for chemically treated hair. Your perm needs moisture to control frizz and split ends and to keep
Perming was invented/discovered in the 1900s I think and was known as the Marcel wave; very trendy in the 1920s; it was done with an anime of ammonia I believe, but check on this
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You should leave it alone for 2 days(48 hours) for optimum results(hair is rebonding in curl shape) If you are getting a loose curl, then try not to pull on it.It's going to relax
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It is advised that you should wait three to four weeks before highlighting hair that has recently undergone a perm. Highlighting the hair too soon could damage ...
Whether you can perm and color your hair on the same day is going to depend on the type of color being used. Under no circumstances should you use a permanent ...
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