Permanent Blue Hair Dye?


Depending on the color of your hair already, there are a few ways to accomplish getting permanent blue hair dye to stick as well as show in your hair. Blonde hair requires the least amount of prepping, just adding the blue dye to the desired areas should result in the color you are hoping for. Other hair types, and some blonde hair may need to be bleached prior to putting the blue hair dye in the hair. Without bleaching your color results will vary. It is ideal to speak with a hair stylist before making such a drastic change to your hair, they can help you accomplish the desired color.
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1. Put on rubber gloves. Drape the towel across your shoulders to protect clothing. Mix the hair bleach in the bowl according to the instructions and apply to hair using a brush.
Garnier makes permanent blue hair dye you can buy that at Wal Mart.
1 Prep your hair for the shade of blue you would like it to be. If you want light blue, you must first bleach your hair light blond. If you want dark blue, you must bleach your hair
A permanent hair dye has advantages over the rinses or spray- ins because you don't have to keep applying it everytime you wash your hair. It also gives you much better coverage if
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