How should you write a permission letter?


To write a permission letter, it is important to use proper letterhead because it is a formal and official legal document. The letter includes a subject that clearly states the purpose of writing the letter. It is addressed to a specific person whose complete name and address are included.

The business name is also placed, if applicable. If the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed is not known, the generic “To Whom It May Concern” is used. It is sometimes necessary to explain things in specific detail, depending on the reason for the letter. It helps to provide relevant information that the person giving the permission will find useful. For example, for school trips, leave and return dates are stated. When a parent wants to grant permission for his child’s medical treatment, it helps to add pertinent information such as the doctor’s name, the child’s medical condition and insurance details.

A permission letter includes a signature line that is signed in front of witnesses, if necessary. A notary is also used in some cases.

When written properly, a permission letter grants a person the authority or permission to do a particular action in the manner stated in the letter. When permission is successfully obtained, it is important to keep a copy of all forms and correspondence for future references.

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