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A pet hotel is another name for a pet boarding facility. It is a place where you can leave your pets overnight, or for more than one night if you have to spend some time away from home. Many pet hotels offer overnight boarding, or long term boarding. Some offer doggie day camps, which is like a summer camp for dogs. Some pet hotels also offer dog training classes, so that your dog may be better behaved when you pick him or her up.
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If you can't search online for "pet-friendly" hotels, simply call the Chamber of Commerce in whatever towns you will be staying in, and they will get you a list.
1. Find a location for your pet hotel. Check with your local zoning office to make sure you choose a place with the proper zoning. Consider the amount of space you'll need, which
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Beverly Hills Pet Hotel & Day Spa: 632 N Almont Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069 ...
Beverly Hills Pet Hotel & Day Spa: 632 N Almont Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069 ...
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