What Is a Good Pet Name for a Guy If He Calls You Sweetie?


Oh, there are so many pet names for a guy if her calls you sweetie! You can also say 'sweetie'. You can also call him 'honey' 'babe' and 'darling'. You can further borrow pet names to call your sweetie from other languages- like 'corazon' (heart), 'amor' (love). Have fun with it!
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I call her Rover. That is a great pet name. I used to call her sticky buns, but her dermatolgist gave her a new prescription. Now she doesn't stick to the sheets.
You could call your
1. Read through books or online websites that list pet names to find one that appeals to you. Say the names out loud or even to your dog, who may react positively to some and not
I call my husband "Sugarbutt" and "Sugartits" Mainly because I think I'm funny.
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