What are some names for a pet rock?


As with the naming of any pet, finding a good name for a pet rock ultimately boils down to personal preference. Consider a name that reflects your pet rock's physical characteristics, personality or idiosyncratic behavior. Names such as "Chunk," "Epicurus" and "Fido" are all well suited to a pet rock.

About.com advises that the chosen name for a pet should be one that the owner likes and will not tire of. The name should also be markedly distinct from any words that might be used to teach a pet commands. In the instance of pet rocks, few names will adversely affect training, since rocks do not need to be housebroken and are incapable of learning most tricks. However, names that sound like "sit" or "stay" should be avoided. When considering a longer or more complex name, make sure the name can be shortened in such a way that won't cause confusion for your pet rock. Refrain from names that might be offensive or inappropriate, in case a pet rock runs off and you need to call for it or post fliers. If a name doesn't immediately stand out, geologists and other pet rock owners are good resources from whom to seek naming inspiration.

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