Pet Rock Names?


Common pet rock names include Stony, Ace, Rocky, or Roxanne. Owning a pet rock was a fad invented in the 1970's. The rock was sold in a box with care instructions and a leash. The fad eventually dwindled after Christmas of 1975. In 2012, the concept of the pet rock reemerged. Pet rocks can be found for sale online, and in stores like Spencer's and Wal-Mart. Pet rocks are a good gag gift for birthdays or other celebrations.
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1. Decide what gender your pet rock is. Do you want it to be a boy or a girl? Decide before getting too attached, as your pet isn't meant to change gender. This can also have a heavy
1. Consider all other pets too messy. This is the best way to take pleasure in your pet rock. 2. Find a smooth, uniformly shaped rock. Dahl used Rosarita Beach stones, but they may
Boys: Vladimer, herald, joe, frank, rockithith, bobithith. Girls: rockina, mrs. snuggles, co-co.
A good name for a pet rock would be "Rockie.
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