How much does PetSmart charge to groom a dog?


The cost to groom a dog at PetSmart varies depending on many factors such as the package and size of dog. Bath and trimming may cost around $15.99. You may contact Pet Smart at 888-839-9638.
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PetSmart charges anywhere between $30.00 to $60.00 to get a grooming. They also have discounts which is 50 percent off of that price which is a good deal on a grooming.
About 30 bucks. I get the nails, and a brush and bath and it's always 28.00 for my 75 lb german shepherd. my saint bernard is much bigger and hairier so he costs 47.00.
Depends what area of the country you live in, what kind of
Our dog costs about $50-$60 at Petco in Los Angeles. It may be somewhat less in the Midwest but because it is a chain store its probably the same or pretty close. You can shop around
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