There are actually three genes which make up PGLO. The first gene is called GFP and makes bacteria glow. AraC is the other gene. The final gene is Bla which is known as the Beta Protein.
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PGLO carries two other genes, araC that encodes the activator protein AraC, and bla that
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a control plate in your particular case is a ampicillin plate with no inoculation of your transformed bacteria. its purpose to make sure that during the process of handling the plate
First you have to understand what genetic transformation is. Genetic transformation literally means change caused by genes and it involves inserting genes into an organism in order
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Pglo plasmid is an engineered plasmid used as a vector for creating genetically modified organisms. Three genes found in the pglo plasmid are Bla, araC and GFP ...
pGLO transformation is a type of genetic transformation when using the plasmid called pGLO. This plasmid was developed by Bio Rad Laboratories. This type of genetic ...
pGLO is a kind of genetic transformation. Usually, it is done in genetic engineering. To do this, you need to insert certain gene sequences in a microorganism. ...
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