Pharmacist Symbol?


There are a couple different symbols typically used to denote a pharmacy or pharmacist. The most recognized for retail is a silhouette of a mortar and pestle. A second symbol, more commonly associated with pharmacy as a medical discipline is the Bowl of Hygieia. A long stemmed bowl with a serpent intertwined.
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There are a few of them. The most accepted one is the single snake coiled around a staff. This is called the serpent of Epidaurus on the staff of Aesculapius. Aesculapius was one
First, the snake isn't a snake. It is the guinea worm and when it infects humans, the disease is called Draconculiasis. It is common in Egypt, the Near East, India and in the southern
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To the Romans, the pursuit of the healing arts and the distribution of medicine was the highest professional calling possible and therefore could only be ordained by Jupiter. The
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