Pharmacy Math Problems?


There are four main components to pharmacy math. The four components are weight, time, volume, and temperature. Word problems and algebra problems are also common pharmacy math problems you would be dealing with.
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When two numbers are divided, the answer is referred to as the quotient. The number being divided is known as the dividend and the number that is going into it is known as the divisor
1. Understand the important information on the prescription. For tablets, capsules, liquid medications and injections, you need to know the prescribed dosage. 2. Identify the key
You need to understand weights and ratios for pill distribution besides the general math everyone needs.
Chelsea00: 10 months ago | Last edited at 4:24PM on 5/3/2012 Jill bought a peach at the store. What tool and metric unit should she use to measure the mass of the peach
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You do have to be pretty good at math to be able to be a pharmacy technician. The main reason, is because people need to be able to trust your math skills, and ...
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