How do you draw phasor diagrams?


A phasor diagram is a scaled line with a length that signify an AC quantity with and direction. To draw a phasor diagram you should correspond to time zero, as indicated in the website .
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Consider sine waves for. e.g sin 120+240j (sin A+Dj) where. A - magnitude. D - angle or radians. j - sqrt (1) then draw the 2 dimensional graph. by using the above conditions. For
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To draw a phasor diagram, first determine the units. Will it be ohms, volts, amps, or watts? For Impedance in Ohms: Draw an X axis, and a Y axis. Label the X axis "Resistance
Normally, the resistance is plotted on the + X , Capacitance on +Y, and Induction on the -Y. You do know the angle-first, subtract the inductive magnitude at -90 from the Capacitve
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