Phi Delta Theta Secrets?


The members of Phi Delta Theta do not like their secret motto to be known. You can only find out what their secret motto is by becoming a member of the fraternity. The Phi Delta Theta fraternity is in many colleges and universities around the United States.
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Become an initiated brother into Phi Delta Theta and you will learn.
It's a secret so we can't tell you. Ask a Phi Delta
How much will you pay me? that's top secret info bro. Source(s) me.
It is a shield with a white stripe. There is a sword on the stripe,and the rest is flanked with stars.
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What is the secret handshake of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta? The secret handshake is very difficult to attain and is only give to members of the fraternity. ...
Pledge and become an initiated brother of Phi Delta Theta and you will know ...
On of the primary secrets of the Phi Gamma Delta houses is they are assumed to be connected to the Freemasons. It has been suggested that the group has some connection ...
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