Phi Gamma Delta Secrets?


On of the primary secrets of the Phi Gamma Delta houses is they are assumed to be connected to the Freemasons. It has been suggested that the group has some connection to the Illuminati. It has also been suggested that the group may help cover up crimes committed by members.
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Phi Gamma Delta's mottos are: "Friendship, the sweetest influence" and "Not
Easy, but it takes practice. In front of a mirror, face yourself and lift your right arm in a clenched fist till about eye level. Now heres the key, slowly lift the center finger
Do you mean "Delta Gamma" ITB tattoo is said to mean 'In The Bond' but many people say it's a secret and no one knows. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February
Who knows? Hazing? Low membership? Campuswide ban on Greeks?
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