Philippine Folkways?


Philippine folkways are the traditions of doing things in a certain way. One example of Philippine folkways is 'pamamanhikan' that means when getting married, the man's family must visit to the woman's family, bring some foods or help at the house of the girl.
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performing one's duties as head of the family. showing compassion for unfortunates in society.
its the. the learned behaviour, shared by a social group, that provides a traditional mode ofconduct. According to the American sociologist William Graham Sumner, who coined the term
As we known that folkways are the ways of doing things in a certain ure. One examples of Philippine folkways is "pamamanhikan" -meaning when getting married, the man's family
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Philippine folkways are the customs, traditions and ways of the people as a culture. These customs have been passed down for generations. The folkways are expected ...
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