How to Enter a Code for a Philips Universal Remote?


To enter a code for a Philips universal remotes, press and hold 'Code Search.' Determine which of the universal codes you need to use with the remote. Enter the three-digit code and wait for the LED light to go off. Then press 'Channel Up' until the device responds.
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1. Hold the "Code Search" button until the indicator light turns on and stays lit. 2. Push the device button that corresponds to the type of device you are programming.
Press and hold the Code Search button until the red indicator stays on. Then press and release the desired mode button. Next, Enter the 3 digit code from the code table. Finally,
how do i program my Phillips ro 3 1.5v.
Can you give me the model of the Philips DVD player since
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Turn on the device. Press and hold the Code Search button until the red is solid. Press the button for the device you want (DVD, Cable, or TV) Press and release ...
Philips universal remote control TV codes allow a person to use a single remote to control multiple devices or replace their lost remote. The codes are entered ...
It depends on what model Philips Universal remote control you have as to what the TV code is for your Toshiba television. You could try using code 006. ...
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