How to Interview a Photographer?


To interview a photographer, start off by asking about their background. Find out what got them into photography. Also ask about their education and formal training.
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1. Ask permission to interview the photographer and make an appointment with him if he chooses to accept the interview. Call the photographer or send him an email to request an interview
1. Ask friends, family and reliable acquaintances who they used, how they liked the photographer's product, and if you can see their pictures and album. You want to have a good sample
1. I do mostly landscapes. 2. I love looking at photos and wanted to be able to create the same thing. I absolutely love it. 3. Mostly landscapes. 4. Mostly a digital camera, but
how she got started. what skills she found she either had or needed to improve upon, what subjects interest her most. does she plan to expand into additional areas of photography,
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How to Interview a Photographer
There are different reasons for which a person will choose to interview a photographer. You may be looking to hire the him or you may be using the interview for a publication. Or, perhaps you are interviewing him for personal reasons. In some instances,... More »
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