Photography Business Names?


There are a wide variety of names that can be chosen by a person who wishes to start their own photography business. Most business owners will choose a name that reflects their own name in the title. For example Bridget's Beautiful Photography. A person may also come up with a name that mentions the type of photography or photos that they shoot. A good example of this is Bridget's Baby Photography. A person should also be unique and creative in choosing their business name.
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Things You'll Need. Notebook Pencil or pen. Instructions. Make a list of your name along with the word "photography" or "photo." For example, you could have: Jane
Your business name is the first thing any potential customer will see. Your photography business name should clearly show what your business is about and should attract the sort of
Most people just name their photography businesses after themselves,
1 Get a camera, preferably a DSLR camera, and not a point and shoot. The most recognizable difference between these cameras is that a DSLR will often have detachable lenses and most
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How to Name a Photography Business
What is really in a name? The truth is, the name you choose today to brand your business will stick with you for years to come. Coming up with the perfect name for your photography business should not be a daunting task if you keep these business naming... More »
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