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In terms of biology, the phylum is a type of taxonomic rank that is above class and below a kingdom. When it comes to botany, the term phylum is usually interchanged with the word division. The term phylum was first designated in 1993 by the International Botanical Congress.
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Animal Phyla
Immediately below kingdom is the phylum level of classification. At this level, animals are grouped together based on similarities in basic body plan or organization. For instance, species in the phylum Arthropoda have external skeletons as well as... More >>
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I belive one is invertabraes [I do not think that is correct spelling]
There are 10 major phyla in the animal kingdom from Protozoa to Chordata.
I don't think any of those fit. The only ones without a cuticle are coelenterata (which is no longer considered a phylum) and porifera, but neither of those is triploblastic. If you
The kingdom Animalia comprises all organisms that scientists classify as animals. Organisms belonging to this kingdom share the following characteristics: They have more than one
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Phylum is a term that describes a genetic group. It is ranked below Kingdom, but above Class. So a Phylum might be Mammals, which is in the Animal Kingdom, but ...
The phylum of a lion is Chordata. It is from the animal kingdom and is in the mammalia class. The family is felidae and it is considered to be a carnivore. ...
Humans are in phylum Chordata, which is under kingdom Animalia. The phylum Chordata includes all animals with vertebrates. To further classify humans, they are ...
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