What are the physical characteristics of Welsh people?


The term Welsh refers to people who hail from the country of Wales. The physical characteristics of the Welsh people will vary depending on whether or not they are native to the country. Traditionally, the Welsh have fair colored skin, dark hair, and narrow faces. The appearance of the true population of Wales no longer reflects this however. This is because there are thousands and thousands of immigrants who occupy the country. This is known as diversity.
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Tfhe Welsh people have long been warriors so their physical
The Welsh are a British Isles people and don't differ much from Irish, Scottish and Engish people. The little difference lies in the old Celtic strain which is probably strongest
They have fair to dark skin, black to dark brown hair, and most people have flat nose. The vast majority of Lao people live in Laos.
There are exceptions, the traits I list below are for the phenotype of the majority: Skin: white/olive sun-tanned. Hair: dark brown-medium brown, sometimes black. Eyes: dark brown
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